If people don’t pay — they don’t pay attention. That sentence defines the theme of our conversation with rock star entrepreneur Pejman Taei (PJ).

In this episode of The Art of Making Things Happen, Pejman Taei takes us through what creators need to successfully monetize their content. As the founder of Uscreen — the number one VOD platform for video monetization — he certainly has many insights on the topic.

Build confidence as a resource provider

Instead of opening with how to turn video subscriptions into a healthy income, he highlights the importance of confidence. …

What if time was no longer a factor. Rather than counting down the number of years you have left, you could enjoy an ageless lifestyle of abundance. Does this sound like science fiction to you?

If so, you’re going to want to pay strict attention to how you can live a genuinely ageless life with a much easier solution than you think.

We spoke with Dr. Andrew Steele, a scientist who is dedicated to the cause of aging.

He shared some of his insights into the science of aging on our latest installment of The Art of Making Things Happen

Every year, plastic bottles affect our environment. Bottles end up in our landfills and oceans.

In the ocean, bottles form HUGE mounds of trash called gyres. These bottles break down into microplastics that affect the ecosystem. As ocean animals eat the plastic, it slowly makes its way up the entire food chain — even to humans.

We all know that plastic is a BIG problem. However, no one has ever stepped up to the challenge of correcting the issue.

Well, on the latest edition of The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims, we found the one man dedicated…

Many entrepreneurs who work with high-profile, high-wealth clients can get intimidated when they approach someone like a billionaire. It’s only natural, right?

However, if your business is centered around working with high net worth individuals, intimidation can cause your business to come to a grinding halt as you work with more successful people.

If you’ve noticed that you’ve begun to stall in your business due to feeling intimidated by approaching more affluent clients, you won’t want to miss this advice.

During a Facebook live chat, we sat down with Naveen Jain. A serial entrepreneur, innovator, and billionaire, he discussed the…

If someone told you becoming a millionaire was a teachable skill, would you believe them?

This is the question we discussed in the latest edition of The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims.

We spoke to Jay Samit. He is a serial entrepreneur, author, and all-around badass! He rubs elbows with the pope and calls legends like Richard Branson and Elon Musk his friends.

He has been a senior exec at some of the biggest corporations on the planet. He’s pioneered companies like Deloitte Marketing, Sony Records, LinkedIn, EMI, and others.

In his book Disrupt Yourself, he shows…

Have you ever beat yourself up inside your own head? For some of us, it’s more common than we may realize.

What if every time you looked at yourself, you called yourself a monster? What if the mere thought of yourself brought labels like broken, useless, or worse?

On The Art of Making Things Happen, we talked about the importance of inner conversations.

Chris Ruden was born with a physical disability. It left him with two fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm. On top of that, he had type 1 diabetes.

Despite these challenges, he’s a…

The chance to serve your country has to be one of the highest honors you can aspire to achieve.

Our latest guest on The Art of Making Things Happen is a person who deserves ultimate honors for his sacrifice to not only his government but to governments around the world.

Anthony Stephen Malone has lived a life worthy of legend, except that it’s all real. He’s written about it in a two part series called Honour Bound.

He has served as a paratrooper for the British Military. He also served as a military photographer and fought alongside the American 101st…

The millennial market is often misunderstood. For this reason, many startups and brands need help identifying how to reach them.

That’s where our latest guest Curt Cuscino comes in. Curt Cuscino is the CEO and Founder of HypeLife Brands. He’s helped disruptive startups and brands reach the millennial market since 2001.

We talked about the millennial market on the latest episode of The Art of Making Things Happen.

Read on to discover how HypeLife Brands helps brands reach the millennial generation.


Curt laughs when he hears people talk about how to reach millennials. …

Have you ever fantasized about becoming a millionaire? How about a billionaire?

While many people believe this is only a dream, Naveen Jain thinks differently.

Naveen is a serial entrepreneur, billionaire, and philanthropist. He develops businesses that tackle some of the world’s biggest problems.

On our latest broadcast of The Art of Making Things Happen, Naveen shared his wisdom and insights.

Naveen explained the fascination with his meteorite collection. He also shared his passion for dreaming. And, he discussed his framework for building billion-dollar companies.

You don’t want to miss this episode of The Art of Making Things Happen with…

The power of artists is about to change. And it all has to do with three little letters — NFT.

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. If that means nothing to you yet, it will.

We sat down with George Chanos to discuss artists, NFTs, and more on The Art of Making Things Happen.

George Chanos is an author, speaker, and futurist. But that’s not all. He’s the former Attorney General of Nevada, the CEO of sandwich chain Capriotti’s, and an entrepreneur.

In his new book Millennial Samurai, he unravels the mysteries of trends ready to change the world.

Read on…

Steve D Sims

CEO of Taste of BLUE/Author/Entrepreneur/Speaker

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