Martha Krejci; Quit Your Job and Join the Home-Based Revolution

What do you think is the percentage of working people who truly love their job? Twenty percent? Ten percent? Less?

If you’re one of the fortunate few, congratulations! You’ve found your calling working for someone else. However, by and large, most people who love their jobs work for themselves.

We talked about this and other things in the latest episode of The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve D. Sims.

In 2016, Martha Krejci hated her full-time job. She was working to support two households. She felt stuck. She would wake up and calculate her vacation time like a mathematician while she was half asleep.

Then she would hit the snooze alarm until she couldn’t any longer. With each press of the button, there was always one looming thought of dread — she had to go to work.

BUT, that wasn’t the half of it! Worse than going into work were all the things she was missing at home


Martha remembers sitting in the bathroom stall at work. She was literally stalling as she scrolled through social media just to dodge a few more moments from her job.

Then she received a video from her husband.

The thumbnail showed her daughter standing — something she hadn’t yet done. In the video, her daughter Nora took her very first wobbly steps. She had missed it!

At that moment, she decided to quit her job and find a better way to support herself and live life on her terms. Now, she helps other people do the same. She calls it The Home-Based Revolution.


Martha’s first plan of action after quitting her job was to join her local chamber of commerce. Next, she started a digital agency offering search engine optimization (SEO) services to local companies.

She would create presentations of how to help local businesses improve their SEO, and in return, would get a handful of clients asking for her services.

Within one month, she replaced the money she made at the full-time job that she loathed.


In the beginning, Martha admits that she had many preconceived notions of what a business should look like. She decided that she needed a desk — and that that desk should be in an office. She paid rent just to have a place to sit and greet potential clients.

It wasn’t until she stopped to reflect that she realized that that’s not the kind of business she wanted at all. Now you can find her working from her dining room table, from her couch, or while watching television.


Martha realized early on is that it is far better to be the least successful person in a room than the most successful. That’s why she continuously seeks opportunities to be in a room that supports her growth.

While it’s nice to be the big fish, it doesn’t help you increase your skillset, so she always opts for growth.


Unlike many online marketers that promise the world and underdeliver, Martha gives the step-by-step directions of how she went from zero to a million. There are no upsells or hoops to jump through — only massive value.

She’s even planning on helping people get started for free. Her goal is to give people the fundamental principles to making six figures a year or more selling online courses.

So, if you’re looking for a way to leave the rat race and finally work from home, this free group could be your ticket to a new life.


If you’re thinking about changing the trajectory of your life, you’ll need the right people in your corner. Martha Krejci is as solid as they come.

Join the revolution today!

Are you looking for more great podcast interviews and articles like this one? Then head over to The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve D. Sims.




CEO of Taste of BLUE/Author/Entrepreneur/Speaker

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Steve D Sims

Steve D Sims

CEO of Taste of BLUE/Author/Entrepreneur/Speaker

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